Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Woodland Spell" Handmade Incense Masterfully Enchanting

As a member of the Natural Perfumer's Guild, I am honored to be reviewing the all natural "Woodland Spell " Incense by Happy Herbs Soap @ Two Crow Cottage for the Guild's " Home For The Holidays Project." Each contributor has been asked to create an ambient home scent in the form of candles, tarts, incense or sprays. The result is to achieve an all surrounding, atmospheric scent,  inspired by the holiday season.

Anita of Happy Herbs Soap has conjured the magic and mystery of  an autumn's evening in the deep of the woods of Spruce and Pine. Exquisitely packaged in a test tube with intricate lashed cording and  convenient hanging loop, "Woodland Spell" contains 12 small sculptural crow figures, fashioned completely of resins and herbs. The presentation alone is vastly imaginative, and lends itself to setting the sylvan, enchanted atmosphere. With the excitement of a child, I remove one tiny crow incense figure and place it in my carved bowl. With no need for charcoal , I merely light the beak of the crow and let the magic begin!

Immediately as the smoke curls through the air, I am transported  to a mysterious forest after dusk, with the scent of dried fallen leaves mixed with earth, the resinous, warmth of Pine and Cedar, beautifully balanced with a hint of herbaceous green. Lighting these precious little crows, magical figures, long regarded as symbols of metamorphosis and transformation, it indeed feels like that of a very ancient ritual. Given that the first perfumes were incense made of resins and herbs, "Woodland Spell" seamlessly couples the ancient ritual experience of scent with the holiday atmosphere of today.
Pictured at the left is my photo of the precious crow figures in my incense bowl. However only one crow need be used at a time, for the glowing scent of of the resin herbs persists ever so sublimely even after the burning. My whole room smells of New England Autumn, and as I gaze out my window to the shadows of twisting Pine, the afterglow of "Woodland Spell" permeates my blankets and Irish knit sweater, leaving the essence of warmth, of the conjured spirit of the woods, and the very essence of ancient rituals long practiced that now resonate with being home for the holidays.

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful description...a glowing review! I am a follower of the Guild and I am a fan of Happy Herbs Soap. Two Crow Cottage is my secret getaway. I can smell and envision your whole maiden experience with her little crows right along side you.

    1. yes, hu-la, she's done a great job! absolutely described what i wanted to accomplish in creating woodland spell!

  2. I fell caught in the spell just by reading this. I can only hope to experience the fragrance and possibly purchase some as gifts. Always a fan of Happy Herbs Soap. Soap is not the only wonderfully fragrant thing coming out of that studio. Hope it is a recipe that you can reproduce again & again. Smiling your way, Andrea

  3. Always a fan of Happy Herb Soaps. I can't wait to experience this fragrance. Soaps aren't the only wonderfully fragrant creation coming from this organic studio. Hope I can purchase some for gifts (and one for myself). Save this recipe, it sounds like a successful "keeper".
    Hugs, Andrea

  4. It is the absolute best as are all of her creations! :)