Thursday, October 18, 2012

Supporting Each Other In The Natural Perfume Field

In a world where competitive fierceness and the bottom line often eclipse mutual support and community, I feel fortunate to have connected with gifted and giving people and groups both online and in person. The Natural Perfume  Movement as I would call it has been spearheaded by such visionaries as Anya McCoy, who not only creates gorgeous natural perfumes, but  also has developed one of the most comprehensive training courses in natural perfumery worldwide. As a student of Anya and also as a friend, I have found so much support from her, students and other professional natural perfumers. It is my belief that the old paradigms of rabid competition may be shifting. Social media certainly has contributed to the mutual sharing of not only our personal updates, but our entrepreneurial ventures as well. I take great joy in supporting an independent perfumery that uses natural ingredients versus an over saturated planet of synthetics. I can literally sense the spirit of the botanicals , resins, and extracts used in a beautifully composed perfume. I can also feel the essence of the perfumer herself  in each fragrant masterpiece. Sharing each other's work is a way to grow this movement, not hinder it. And, given the plethora of scents that can be created, there is room in my opinion, for everyone to succeed! In the following weeks and months I will be spotlighting natural perfumers from all of the world, who through their craft, and their intuitive alchemy, make life more beautifully, naturally fragrant! 


  1. This is a great post and is so relevant. There is no competition...everyone creates from their style of perfumery. I love the natural perfumes and they do have a spirit and a soul that will talk to you.

  2. Thank you Heather. wonderful words...a perfect example of Abundance mentality...I look forward to reading more.

  3. Really looking forward to reading your future articles :-)
    I love the art of natural perfumery, there's a whole world of possibilities without needing to go anywhere near synthetics.


  4. Thank you all so much! Your comments resonate that community spirit!