Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Celebration In A Bottle"

Holistic Body Therapy's " Celebration" is a profoundly beautiful creation I have had the privilege of reviewing. Andrea Shanti, Founder of Holistic Body Therapy has combined the full, luxurious gourmand scents of  cocoa, vanilla, and cinnamon ,with warm, joy inducing fir needle. Immediately upon smelling this bountiful holiday spray, I am reminded of a snowy winter's evening, red bowed fresh wreaths on wooden doors and trimmed trees bursting forth with soft white lights. Andrea has created a remembrance of the best of what holidays have to offer, the sharing of hot cocoa with a hint of sensuous vanilla, cinnamon sticks to be stirred into a warm cider, and the happiness that is indulging in the scentual beauty of each unfolding moment with loved ones. Her inclusion of Mountain Shasta's pure waters makes this ambient blend ever the more sacred. It transcends any one holiday practice, and brings this outstanding green glass bottled creation  to a profound, spiritual level. I cannot stop spraying " Celebration" as I feel each chakra dance, from the tribal based energies of the root, to my heart and to the etheric crown. "Celebration" is to be experienced! Visit the amazing Andrea Shanti at


  1. Heather you are a wonderful writer and perfectly captured the scent in words!
    Stay tuned for a new gift package centered around this scent.

  2. Andrea! It was my delight as your " Celebration" is so amazing! :)