Thursday, November 1, 2012

Home For The Holidays Natural Perfumers Guild Event!

A Curated Selection of Home Fragrance Products From The Natural Perfumers Guild

As a member of The Natural Perfumers Guild, I am proud to announce the launch of "The Home For The Holidays"  Natural Home Fragrance Products Event! The Guild members were matched with scent bloggers to review ambient fragrance products made naturally. Anya McCoy, President of The Guild stated," Several blogggers  had never previously reviewed ambient fragrance products. We in The Guild thought this was a great challenge, and love the idea of being the first to introduce them to this scenting concept." Given so many homes, especially during the holiday season are inundated with synthetic fragrances, the Guild created an event where member perfumers would craft 100% naturally aromatic  room sprays, incense, candles, and wax melts to celebrate "Home For the Holidays 2012." Indeed they succeeded as today we "scent bloggers" unite to present to you our reviews of the stellar curated selection of all natural holiday home fragrance products! Our Guild members participating this year include:

Andrea Shanti, Holistic Body Therapy

Anya McCoy, Anya's Garden Perfumes

Elise Pearlstine, Belly Flowers Perfume

JoAnne Bassett , JoAnne Bassett Perfumes

Katlyn Breene,

Anita Casamento, Happy Herbs Soaps

Participating Bloggers For This Groundbreaking Event Include:

 I have as you will see right here below, reviewed the exquisite creation of Happy Herbs Soaps Founder, Anita Casamento, with her "Woodland Spell Incense." Do check out all of my fellow scent bloggers reviews and the talented perfumers. You may visit  Natural Perfumers Guild at You shall be enchanted and captivated by these all natural fragrant holiday ambient scents. What a great idea for your holiday shopping! And as a special gift for one lucky reader of my blog, you will receive a gift packet of "Woodland Spell Incense!" So, please comment here on my blog about what natural scents remind you of the holidays and the winner shall be announced November 15th! Happy Holidays!



  1. Oh Heather.........You are a woman after my very own heart. My favorite time of year is fall, and winter as they remind me of such wonderful memories. The smell of crisp air on a sunny day is divine this time of year. It brings such exasperating hope of joyful celebrations, and the best friends you carry with you for all time. I can't quite pick a favorite.....pumpkin spice in the air always reminds me of Thanksgiving dinners gone by... ..a slight pine smell when entering a room that's been so beautifully decorated....cinnamon apple spiced cider warming on the stove......The way that the air smells when it's just started to snow is soft, and though it's cold, the fragrance warms me.....Just to name a few:-)
    Your sis, Min~

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