Monday, November 12, 2012

The "Black Magik" of Maison de Morgana

Los Angeles Jewelry Designer And Metalsmith, Morgana McNelis
Maison de Morgana

And all he saw was her bright eyes,
And her fair face that held him still;
And wild with wan she led him on
O'er vale and hill.

Until at last a castle lay
Beneath the moon, among the trees:
Its gothic towers old and gray
With mysteries

"Morgan le Fay" by Madison Cawein

Morgan le Fay. Morgaine. Morgana. These are the names of the legendary sorceress of Arthurian legend, her magic so potent, her story so captivating, she has endured through the centuries. She is a haunting beauty, the embodiement of the Goddess, keeper of the ancient and forgotten ways, a gifted creator. True to her namesake, Los Angeles based jewelry designer and metalsmith, Morgana McNelis has cast a spell on the fashion jewelry industry with her neo gothic sensibilities and her romanticism imprinted with a hint of the macabre.  Each piece featured in Maison de Morgana's "Black Magik" Collection has been painstakingly crafted in her "Nouveau Vintage" style. "Quality is everything to me," Morgana tells me, in her sweet voice that exudes such a humbleness, an effortless kindness. " I want  my jewelry to hold its value years from now as it is not enough for it to be just beautiful and unique." To speak with Morgana is to embrace her as a soul sister immediately. Her enthusiasm and radiance are contagious. Behind those soulful exquisite eyes of hers is a mystical, glimmering talent." My first introduction to  jewelry making was a class where we learned  lost wax metal casting. I loved it! Here I was creating this very masculine piece while the others were working on these delicate designs." Morgana laughs heartily. "I then studied with a master jeweler and metalsmith who taught me everything one would learn at lapidary school. I was so amazed and appreciative!" Morgana credits learning her craft in this way in lieu of a structured school setting as the reason she "thinks outside the box " in  her imaginative designs. Such vast creativity and artistic depth are evident in her " Haute Noire" debut. Clearly one also sees how she has woven her multicultural and centuries spanning influences into her work.. For this collection, McNelis draws inspiration from Coppola's "Dracula," as well as the aesthetic of The Ottoman Empire and Ancient Egypt. Designers Riccardo Tisci and Alexander McQueen are also great influences. And, for all of us passionate perfumistas out there who adore our perfume acessories, Maison de Morgana offers two exquisite pendant perfume vials that are a MUST to add to your collection! Her "Rattlesnake Tail Perfume Bottle" is an incredibly crafted segmented rattlesnake tail available in Antique Brass or White Bronze. No easy feat was it to create this, Morgana tells me. "This piece took me months to get exactly the way I envisioned it. It was a huge challenge but I refused to give up." Indeed this perfume bottle pendant necklace captures the serpentine form, the majesty and mysticism of the rattler's tail. I am reminded of the shamanic power of this poisonous yet beautiful snake...dangerous beauty! Morgan le Fay would be proud.

Rattlesnake Perfume Bottle In Antique White Bronze 160.00

The "Black Magik" Collection features another gem for scent lovers who are drawn to the mysteries of Egypt, and Sacred Geometry. Morgana's " Pyramid Perfume Bottle" is crystal cut with a Spinel bullet stone set in its lid. As with her "Rattlesnake Tail" bottle, each perfume pendant includes a miniature funnel in which to add your most treasured scents. Maison de Morgana couples stellar craftsmanship with affordability as well. Upon her debut, such esteemed retailers as Bzar Japan, Fred Segal, and Piperlime raced to provide their discerning clientele with these dazzling pieces. And this is just the beginning for Morgana McNelis. Viewing her introduction to the world of timeless, hand crafted jewelry as "only the first step in a long journey," we can all expect to see a great deal more of this brilliant young woman's work. Morgana McNelis possesses the timeless gifts of an ancient sorceress with a heart of pure gold. Visit Maison de Morgana at to view this enigmatic, exquisite collection.

Pyramid Perfume Bottle In Antique Brass $170.00